Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Order OnlineWhat is CIRComplete?

CIRComplete is a proprietary combination of serrapeptase, nattokinase, protease, lipase, bromelain, papain, rutin, amla, and other proteolytic enzymes that are specially formulated to support healthy fibrin levels. CIRComplete has been used to support immune and circulatory health, as well as maintain a healthy inflammatory response to everyday activity.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins (or protein-based molecules) that act as catalysts in biochemical reactions. Every enzyme has a specific reactant known as a substrate, which can be thought of like a lock and a key. Only a specific enzyme (or key) will react (or unlock) its substrate. This is the reason why enzymes are unable to break down necessary and vital proteins, as they only react with certain harmful proteins in the body.

What are systemic enzymes?

When enzymes are introduced into the bloodstream, they work systemically, or throughout the entire body. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach allows them to work systemically since they will bypass the upper digestive process and enter the bloodstream through the small intestine. Systemic enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes, though certain enzymes are better designed for systemic activity as opposed to digestion due to the materials they react with, such as serrapeptase and nattokinase. These two enzymes are very efficient with the breakdown of a particular substance known as fibrin.

What is fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein substance naturally formed in the human body. It plays a significant role in our health and general well-being. Fibrin is responsible for scar tissue formation and is produced in reaction to injury. Our bodies naturally maintain healthy fibrin levels with enzymes (principally plasmin) whose role is to attack and break down any excessive fibrin. As fibrin builds up in the body, it can cause many unhealthy conditions.

Why CIRComplete?

As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases while the need for these enzymes is of increasing importance. Supplementing these valuable enzymes can combat enzyme deficiencies that can lead to a wide variety of health concerns. Healthy levels of these enzymes can assist the body in maintaining a healthy immune system, healthy joints, proper circulation, and an overall balanced reaction to overexertion.

How does CIRComplete work?

By supplementing and replenishing the body's diminishing enzymes, CIRComplete provides one of our most essential and basic biochemical needs. It supplements the body's natural fibrinolytic enzyme levels, thereby helping to maintain healthy fibrin levels.

Why does my CIRComplete product smell?

To most, opening an enzyme or probiotic supplement for the first time is uneventful, while a small minority may notice an aroma that they find to be a little off-putting. Typically, an off-putting odor coming from anything that we consume immediately makes us think of spoiled or rotten food. However, it is important to realize that smell is different to every nose, and what may be off-putting to one may smell quite appetizing to another. For instance, one of my wife's favorite foods is french onion soup. One night, she ordered her usual appetizer and as soon as it came to the table it almost knocked me out of my chair from the stench of the Gruyere. What to her smelled delectable, reminded me more of something akin to unwashed feet.

I apologize for the tangent, so getting back to our products, why would they have an off-putting odor? Does that mean they have gone bad? The answer is a resounding no, and can be explained in how enzymes are made. Much like cheese, which to me (as noted above) smells like something that does not belong in one's mouth, enzymes are derived from a fermentation process. This process usually does not result in a smell that one would find pleasant, but is typically not overwhelming either. We have actually found that the fresher our products are, the more they "smell". But this smell can also vary from one lot to the next, as enzymes can have a varying odor in intensity and even notes from one lot to the next, much like making cheese or sauerkraut.

Ideally we would love to provide a product that smells and tastes like "imagine I inserted your favorite food here", but the reality is that we formulate our products with health benefits in mind, not taste or smell. The result can be a product that to some smells like food that has gone bad, but keep in mind this is only due to how the product is made. The very thing that makes you think of spoilage, is actually an indicator of it being fresh. 

Is CIRComplete enteric coated?

Enteric coatings are designed to protect enzymes and other supplements from stomach acid. Plastic-like chemicals known as phthalates are often used in this coating process. Phthalates are actually banned in children's toys in Europe and Mexico, so why would we ever include these in our formulas?
We have instead developed an all-natural, chemical-free acid armor capsule. These capsules are comprised of an extra thick layer of cellulose (vegetable capsules) with a micro threaded locking mechanism to prevent leaking. Acid armor capsules have been designed to delay the release of the capsule's contents for up to an hour, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Is CIRComplete safe?

Yes. There have been no reports of any serious or adverse side effects from taking systemic enzymes such as CIRComplete. If you are taking a prescription blood-thinning medication (not including daily aspirin), you should consult with your physician before taking CIRComplete.

When is the best time to take CIRComplete?

For best results, take the product at least one hour prior to eating and/or two hours after a meal.

Can I take CIRComplete with other supplements?

CIRComplete can be used safely with other dietary supplements.

How long does it take for CIRComplete to work?

Although every person is different, some have reported feeling the effects of systemic enzymes in as little as 45 minutes. For therapeutic regimens, the progression may be slow for some and quicker for others. Typically, supplementing the product for a minimum of one month's time is recommended, with the best results occurring anywhere from one to three months thereafter.

Is CIRComplete Kosher?

The formula is Kosher, and a copy of the certification is available by request.

Is CIRComplete vegetarian?

The CIRComplete formula is vegetarian in accordance with the guidelines of the American Vegetarian Association.

Is CIRComplete non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?

Yes, CIRComplete is non-GMO. The microorganisms used to produce this enzyme product are not genetically engineered organisms as defined by the National Organic Standards Board. Genetically engineered is defined as follows: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cellular biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Genetic engineering includes recombinant DNA, cell fusion, micro-and macro-encapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. It shall not include breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in-vitro fertilization, and tissue culture.


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